Three Weeks to Save Indonesian Orangutans!

  • par: Roger Smith
  • destinataire: H.I.S. International Tours, Inc.

We have just weeks before a new power plant comes online that could send orangutans' future up in smoke.

We all know palm oil is bad news for orangutans – people burn down their rainforest homes to expand new palm oil plantations. Well this massive multinational company, H.I.S. International, is about to test a new power plant that will use palm oil for fuel!

Take action now to protect orangutans and tell H.I.S. International to stop their new palm oil power plant.

Orangutans are intelligent apes who use tools and even create their own medicines. And they are endangered, with fewer than 115,000 across Indonesia and Malaysia. The number one threat to orangutans' survival is the expansion of palm oil.

As much as 85 percent of the world's palm oil comes from Indonesia and Malaysia, and the palm oil industry still drives about 250,000 acres of deforestation every year. In the palm-oil-growing heartlands, you can fly in a jet several miles up in the air, look out your window, and see nothing other than oil palms stretching to the horizon in what was once orangutan habitat.

Supplies of responsibly harvested palm oil are limited – we shouldn't burn it. But that's exactly what H.I.S. International is about to do. They are going to burn 70,000 tons of palm oil from Malaysia or Indonesia every year.

The plant is not yet finished, but is scheduled for a test run this month. We still have time to stop it.

We need to show H.I.S. – and other companies around the world considering similar ventures – that burning palm oil is a bad business decision. H.I.S. International does extensive business in the U.S., operates tours to Japan, and runs "robot hotels" popular with American tourists.

Click here now to protect orangutans: tell the company that you will not do business with them so long as they burn palm oil for profit.

 pledge to not travel with H.I.S., stay at a H.I.S. robot hotel or other H.I.S. facility until the company completely ends its involvement in palm oil power generation.

We need to protect endangered species like orangutans, and preserve tropical forests to fight climate change, save habitat, and help prevent future pandemics."

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