pollution free

    we don’t want our kids, grandkids and our great grandkids to grow up in a nasty earth. We don’t want them to think “ oh it’s just a straw paper nothig happen” we things do happen. This is our world and if we don’t treat it right it will be gone in a mere rof time. We take advantage of it and you can see pollution from outer space, that tells you we are doing something wrong. All we have to do is show people what it does. If you think about all the trash you throw out in a week...then a trash truck comes to get it, well yeah sure it goes to a waste land. But what happens when it gets full you may wonder? They dump it into the ocean, when all of that builds up that water will be dirty and then where will we get water from? It will get into streams and poison us. “Nature provides us a free lunch , but only if we control our appetites.”
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