Hi 👋,
The bee die-off is very serious. Bees should be respected as beings. Also, they are vital pollinators, pollinating a lot of our food crops and contributing to the ecosystems of this world 🌎.
As much as I love 💗 myself and donate and do kind things for people as well, if bees died out, the consequences for humans and nature could be drastic, whereas, if humans were to vanish off the face of the Earth 🌎, many, many, many, many other creatures would benefit.
Despite the concern, a previously banned bee-killing pesticide has been approved in America. THIS HORRIBLE PESTICIDE, AND ALL OTHER BEE-KILLING PESTICIDES, SHOULD BE BANNED NOW!!!!!!
Please respect, help, and treat bees 🐝 and all sentient beings kindly. Please don't kill them unnecessarily. Please help the environment and wildlife as much as you can (ethically, within reason and whilst still looking after yourselves and others).
Thank you 😊.

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