France's Latest Islamophobic Law Targets Girls and Young Women

France has formally banned the abaya, a loose-fitting robe worn by some Muslim women, in schools. In fact, since the school year started, girls wearing abayas have been sent home. This is not only an attack on civil liberties, but teaching girls what they wear matters more than their education. 

Any non-Muslim teen wearing an outfit that fully covered their body would never be policed in this way. How are these kids supposed to feel safe in schools if they cannot choose what they wear?

Sign now to demand the French parliament reverse this Islamophobic, hateful ban!

The move is a huge blow to religious freedom, and to young Muslim students in particular, who often wear it to follow the teachings of the Quran. It follows the logic of similar bans, including the 2011 law which made it illegal to wear a face-covering veil in public in France. (French people were allowed – and explicitly encouraged – to wear masks which covered most of their face during the COVID-19 pandemic, though).

This rule is discriminating against Muslims, plain and simple. 

The French government should not be policing what any teenager, girl, or person in general wears. Sign the petition now if you agree!

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