Oppose the York Road Connector

I am concerned about plans to develop and connect York Road to the Inland Island Highway on Vancouver Island. While some would like the convenience of yet another connection to the highway, I and many others, enjoy a quiet, rural property on a dead end road. The value of this quiet place is why I moved here fourteen years ago. We have both the Jubilee Parkway and Hamm Road connectors to the highway. This proposed connector would be very expensive and not contribute to the peaceful, rural values that we enjoy now. Please keep York Road rural.

A connector would irrevocably affect the natural habitat present along the beautiful Oyster River which parallels York Road. We live within this watershed on a salmon bearing river which already contains housing with septic systems, property development right along the river's edge, and the Saratoga Speedway within this watershed. Adding another major road development along the river and the traffic it would bring, is potentially harmful to this salmon river with fuel and chemicals from tires running off into the river and salmon habitat. We also have the existing rural property development along busy MaCauley Road which parallels the south side of the river. I would argue this development on both sides of the river, already places considerable stress on the river ecosystem.

Please keep York Road a quiet rural road. Oppose the connector.

Please sign and, consider writing a letter to John Rice, our representative in the SRD. jrice@srd.ca ph. 250-203-1598.

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