Captive Elephants in Thailand Deserve Better

Twenty years ago, Gemma was on a trip to Thailand with her friends when she paid for an elephant ride. What happened next was nothing short of tragic: she was flung from the elephant's back and the animal rolled on top of her, crushing her pelvis, ribs, and collarbone. 

During her long recovery in the hospital, Gemma discovered that her elephant was loaned from a neighboring community and was under stress in unfamiliar territory. Captive elephants are regularly pushed to their limits, and no sentient animal should have to endure the treatment this elephant went through. It's dangerous for the animals and the humans who pay for the experience and entertainment. 

Twenty years after Gemma's horrible accident, captive elephants in Thailand are still not protected from similar fates. Unfortunately, not much has changed for many elephants in Thailand -- there are around 3,800 still in captivity.

Sign the petition now to demand that captive elephants be included in Thailand's 2014 Animal Welfare Act!

Thailand passed the amazing 2014 Animal Welfare Act, which protects wild elephants in the country. But unfortunately, captive elephants can still be traded, bred, and used in tourism. All elephants deserve protection – including the nearly 4,000 that are held in captivity!

It is time for all elephants to get equal justice and protection under the law. Sign the petition to tell the Thai government: it's time to amend the Animal Welfare Act to include captive elephants!

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