End the trade of shark fins in Canada, Now!

Canada wants to ban shark fin import and export, but it does not stop the shark fin trade. We are asking the Canadian government to make it illegal to sell and trade shark fins on land. 75 000 000 sharks are slaughtered each year to support the global shark fin trade and this needs to stop because a majority of shark population have gone down 90% and 1/3 of open water sharks are facing extinction.

Sharks play a crucial part in keeping marine ecosystems healthy and if we lose them, these ecosystems would collapse and life on earth would never be the same.

Please support my petition and help me end the shark fin trade in Canada.

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I need the help from Canadians who signed this petition. On March 20th, Canadian government will vote on BillS238 to stop shark fin import. Please send your thoughts why Canada should stop importing shark fins, I need you to write a letter to Justin Trudeau and ask him to save sharks from extinction by saying yes to BillS-238.
This is the link to the petition, please sign and share! https://action.hsi.org/page/29653/action/1
My petition is for the shark fin trade but this one matters too! TY!
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Hi guys,

I have some good news, Bill S-238 to stop shark fin import and export in Canada just passed the Canadian Senate and is now in the House of Commons. This mean that stopping shark fin import/export is phase one of stopping the trade in Canada, once this goes through the focus can be on shutting down all trade. This is good news for Canada, but most of all for the health and safety of sharks and our oceans. Continue to share this petition and thank you for your support.
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