We Cheer With Glenn

Glenn Wilson is a young man enrolled at West High School. He wanted to be a cheerleader, so originally he was put on the team.

This year, Glenn and his family did not receive information for summer cheer camp even after contacting the school numerous times. Glenn went to practice one day and he and his family were told that Glenn was off the team because Glenn has Down's Syndrome and the coach doesn't know how to work with people who have Down's Syndrome.

She also said that Glenn "does not fit the look she's going for with the team." This is discrimination in the worst sense. All the coach would've had to do was ask for an aid for him, but she just kicked him off of the team instead.

The school board and high school are standing with the coach and sweeping this matter under the rug. All Glenn wants to do is cheer on his school. We want to prevent this from happening to any other student in the district and we are fighting to get this coach terminated. 

Please sign this petition to prevent this from happening in the future and to get Glenn completely back on the team.

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