Kevin Kidd, Don’t Slaughter the Animals!

See this beautiful animal? Magnificent, isn't he? Yet, unless he is saved, he is going to be slaughtered this week.
I am part of a vegan debating group on Facebook. One of the members is a farmer. He sends a lot of animals to slaughter, and has even (apparently) slaughtered some of them himself.
This guy's life is worth more than meat! This same man is also going to send some chickens to slaughter soon, unless they are saved! We must rally this man to change his mind, or persuade a sanctuary/sanctuaries to rescue these animals!
Please sign and share this petition to stop these animals from being brutally murdered!

Mettre À Jour #1il y a environ un an
Please can you all politely and kindly message Kevin Kidd to kindly and politely ask him to consider not slaughtering the animals? Here's his Facebook link:
I do stress on politeness and kindness - rudeness and aggression won't save the animals and may hurt their cause!
Thank you all for signing and sharing!
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