No Child Deserves to Live In Poverty. Make the Expanded Child Tax Credit Permanent!

To help relieve some of the economic burden of COVID-19, Congress passed the historic Child Tax Credit in March of 2021. It is estimated that in the less than a year that it was active, monthly child poverty was cut by 30%. Now that the legislation has expired? 3.7 million more children were plunged back into poverty in a single month.

Sign now to demand that Congress make the expanded child tax credit permanent!

According to a recent study, the overwhelming majority of the extra few thousand dollars that families received last year went to payments they needed to make in order to survive, like food, rent, clothing, and utility bills. In fact, the monthly payments cut food insecurity by 25%. No family in the United States -- one of the richest countries in the history of the world -- should have to worry about being able to eat or keep a roof over their head. 

The massively helpful credit ended at the end of last year, and between December of 2021 and January of 2022, the monthly child poverty rate skyrocketed from just over 12% to 17%. 

All the fear-mongering done by Republicans about the risks of the policy simply didn't come true. There isn't any evidence that the extra money caused parents to quit work, but research tells us the opposite story – that people could dedicate more time to work with adequate financial support for child care and consistent transportation.

If Congress wants to prove that we live in a country that cares for children, we must make the expanded Child Tax Credit permanent. Sign the petition now to put pressure on our legislators! We must act now to keep more families from falling into poverty!

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