Make Ancestry DNA tests a path to immigration

This petition is in honour of our ancestors journey and reigniting the flame of justice to claim our heritage. I would like to petition a global peace treaty agreement phase 1 that allows an individual to claim certain immigration rights to the DNA they share with that particular country or continent with a new heritage visa.

The example I would like to give is if someone like myself who lives in New Zealand as a 5th generation New Zealander with 51% Scottish in my heritage I should have the right to claim a permanent residency status to the motherland in respect of my DNA ties.

This petition requests that anyone with 50% or more DNA connected to the country/continent/island should be granted automatic permanent residence with a heritage visa. Those who share 1% to 49% should be granted the right to be educated and a special working visa with a fair path to immigration depending on the scale of the percentile.

I believe implementing a heritage visa will be a single significant step towards a global peace treaty to become one human culture.

I validate the successful outcome of this petition to be owned by anyone who signs it to present to your house of representatives in your chosen country, Continent or island nation as your own

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