Tarzan The Dog Was Shot In The Face After Chasing Chickens

  • par: Care2 Team
  • destinataire: The State of Illinois

Just one year after Wyatt, an abused dog from Jackson County Illinois had his mouth strapped shut with a rubber band there is another case of abuse with a dog being rescued after being shot in the face and blinded in one eye.

Act Now! Demand whoever shot Tarzan be found, arrested and charged for this horrific crime!

Tarzan the dog was a friendly and sweet natured animal who was shot multiple times by people living in the Galatia area of Illinois and eventually saved by a concerned neighbour. The injustice of being shot for just being a dog is cruel and whoever commited these acts of animal abuse needs to be brought to justice!

As it stands, animal abuse is currently just a misdemeanor, although can be bumped up to a felony if the cruelty was intentional and led to serious injury or death. 

Sign Now and Urge the Saline County To Find The Person Responsible For These Acts Of Abuse And Have Them Be Charged With A felony Offence!

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