Tell Advertisers to Dump Fox News

For years, Fox News has been stoking the fires of extremism and hatred, and spewing lies nonstop. And as recently released text messages showed, even Fox doesn't believe its own BS.

But those messages also showed that Fox is terrified of losing ad revenue. And with good reason -- without advertisers, Fox would go out of business.

Let's make it happen. Add your name, demand that advertisers cut their ties NOW.

It's the right thing to do, and if these advertisers give a damn about their fellow human beings and their country, they'll do it. And even if they don't care about those things, we know they care about lost sales.  So let's show them there will be a whole lot of pissed off consumers if they don't adjust their ad budgets accordingly.  

Sign now: Tell Advertisers to Dump Fox News

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Did you know the average cable/satellite subscriber pays $20 a year for Fox News -- even if nobody in their household watches it? And this adds up to $1.8 BILLION a year for Fox!

Add your name: Tell your cable company to stop making you pay for Fox News
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