The CDC Just Made a Dangerous Decision That Gambles With American Lives

  • par: Care2 Team
  • destinataire: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Amid an ongoing battle against COVID-19, a virus that has already stolen nearly 1.2 million lives in the US alone, the CDC's recent decision to relax isolation guidelines for those infected sends a chilling message: convenience might now outweigh safety. This pivot away from a science-led, cautious approach to one that seems to gamble with public health is both alarming and deeply concerning.

The stakes are too high. The virus continues to haunt us, with thousands still hospitalized each week and the specter of "long COVID" looming large – a condition leaving millions in a fog of fatigue, pain, and breathlessness. 

Sign the petition to demand the CDC follow the science and reverse its decision on dropping the 5-day isolation period for COVID-19 cases.

The proposed shift to symptom-based isolation dismisses the invisible threads of transmission, putting us all at risk of a virus that mutates unpredictably and viciously. It's clear this decision was made out of convenience, and not out of concern for American public health. 

The CDC's readiness to change these guidelines, despite the unchanged science around COVID-19's infectiousness, is baffling and frightening. This isn't just about guidelines; it's about lives – our lives and the lives of those we love. Let's not allow convenience to cloud the judgment of those entrusted with our nation's health. 

Sign this petition to demand the CDC stand by science, not speculation. Every signature sends a stark reminder: the safety of the American people should never be compromised. The CDC to honor its duty to protect public health by maintaining isolation guidelines that have been our shield against the virus's spread.

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