Lend Your Support for Fast, Reliable Connectivity in Frisco, Texas

Dependable wireless service is more important today than ever before. The residents of Frisco, Texas recognize the critical importance of wireless infrastructure to connect businesses to their customers, students to the classroom, power the local economy, and provide government and healthcare communication services. In addition, people need to stay connected online from as many places as possible, from their homes to their cars and schools. This is possible only in areas with a robust and reliable wireless network that keeps pace with demand. The digital economy is rapidly changing, and Frisco needs to be at the forefront of these advancements.

The incredible growth in Frisco makes the need for fast, reliable wireless service even more urgent. Robust connectivity is crucial, for example, to support telehealth services provided through video chat, and to work and study from home or on the road. Beyond actual needs, we all want to be able to watch shows, sports, or movies, play games and share special moments on social media or send video clips to friends and loved ones on the go. Subpar wireless connectivity only leads to frustration when we are unable to do any of these tasks simply and reliably.

Wireless companies are eager to partner with Frisco to improve connectivity for residents. But the industry has been hampered by red tape and delays at city hall. To cut through this, city leaders need to hear directly from residents like you that the public supports expediting new wireless infrastructure to make sure we have the best connectivity for our community. But these reforms won't happen without your support. The businesses and residents of Frisco cannot afford to be left behind in the ever-evolving technology environment.

Additional and better next-generation wireless infrastructure will support entirely new mobile and home broadband service, offering Frisco residents and businesses new choices for accessing reliable high-speed internet service. This connectivity is crucial to transforming transportation, public safety, and reliability for residents and businesses. Wireless connected transportation infrastructure promises to make traffic safer and move more smoothly. And this connectivity will help first responders, police officers, and firefighters protect our community and, more broadly, our way of life.

Our elected leaders in Frisco need to understand the public's widespread support for this infrastructure to make safe and robust connectivity a reality. To build momentum to bring this cutting-edge technology to residents and businesses throughout the city, your elected leaders must see letters of support from community members like you. The time for this infrastructure investment is now. As more businesses and residential communities are built and developed, the more difficult it will be to build wireless facilities with the finite nature of available real estate.

Robust coverage and capacity will help ensure our future is connected. Therefore, please share your concerns with your Frisco elected officials to fast-track improved wireless infrastructure now to open up new ways for our community to live, learn, work, and play.
Dear [Council Member],

As a Frisco resident, I'm writing to urge you to expedite the construction of wireless network infrastructure in Frisco. The benefits of robust wireless connectivity for people like me, for local businesses, and for the entire community are too great to let municipal red tape and delays get in the way:

* More infrastructure = More-forward looking — In order to meet the growth and technology demands of Frisco, it is imperative to put the wireless infrastructure in place now to support existing dense areas, as well as, new business and residential developments. Building the infrastructure now will ensure Frisco remains a leader in North Texas.

* More infrastructure = More consistent experience — More robust and expanded wireless infrastructure will allow for a more consistent experience throughout the City with less outage downtime, dropped calls and improved 5G availability.

* More infrastructure = Improved city services, transportation, and public safety — With 5G and expanded 4G connectivity, first responders will be able to coordinate faster, sharing vital emergency information in real-time. Smart pavement and traffic lights will cut congestion. We may even see safer streets and neighborhoods thanks to better security monitoring and smart lighting.

* More infrastructure = A powerful tool to help close the digital divide — Robust broadband infrastructure is essential to making concrete progress toward serving all residents across Frisco with high-speed internet and ensuring children and adults are not left behind in our rapidly transforming digital economy.

This is your chance to demonstrate leadership and be part of transforming our region into a technology leader. Please support and accelerate improved wireless infrastructure for Frisco.

[your name]
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