Sign Today to Ban Inhumane Killings of Street Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats are being killed brutally, despite having done nothing wrong. Either they were abandoned by owners or were born on the streets. 

Unfortunately, misguided officials often authorize mass shootings, poisonings and other inhumane methods of killing street animals. They don't know there is another way, but if enough people stand up and tell them, maybe they'll listen. 

By combining our voices, we can tell them that it isn't ok to let animals be shot and left to die of terrible wounds. Together, we can help them understand that animals don't have to be poisoned and left to wander confused and suffering as their bodies shut down.

SPCA International's partners are standing ready to help and there are so many examples of success. Trap, neuter, vaccinate and release programs are the most effective and compassionate way of getting street animal populations under control. 

Since 2007, SPCA International has been providing cash grants and shipments of veterinary supplies to help shelter and rescue groups implement trap, neuter, vaccinate and release programs. Your signature will help pave the way for these compassionate groups to do their work and change the way communities approach stray animals.

Together, we can stop the abuse and needless death of thousands of stray dogs and cats. Please help by speaking out against this horrific practice. Sign the petition today to ban the killing of street dogs and cats in communities across the globe. 

We'll send your letter to as many government offices as possible.

Government of [various local, regional and national government offices],

We implore you to stop the inhumane killing of street animals through all methods, including
poisoning, shooting and others. We urge you to partner with animal welfare groups in your
jurisdiction to create a better method of animal population control through a trap, neuter,
vaccinate and release program. This method is effective and compassionate. Please take
immediate action. Animals deserve your protection!

In solidarity,
SPCA International and [Your Name]
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