Hold big companies to account and get back what you're owed

Did you know…

There is a £900m lawsuit against Amazon that alleges it does not always offer customers the best deals?

Facebook faces a £2.2bn legal claim that alleges it exploited 45m UK users by unfairly profiting from their data?

Mastercard is accused of owing up to £17bn to 46m UK shoppers?

8.9m Playstation customers may have overpaid for games or in-app purchases and be owed hundreds of pounds in compensation?

It isn't always obvious when you've been taken advantage of by the companies you deal with, and it can feel impossible to stand up to big businesses.

Half of the UK population have little to no awareness of group claims as a route to correcting problems and claiming compensation. Consumer Voice can help you get money back you're owed from rule-breaking businesses. It provides unbiased information and advice about all the group claims you might be eligible to join – at no cost to you.

Sign this petition if you agree - we must hold big companies to account!
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