Say No to One-Size-Fits-All Health Care

Millions of Americans, from veterans, to the elderly and disabled, to working professionals and their families, depend on America's health care system for coverage. But right now, that system is at risk of disappearing.

Instead of working together to rein in out-of-control costs, some elected officials are rolling the dice on unaffordable, unsustainable Medicare-for-all style proposals that would restrict patient choice and hurt our health care system. These plans — whether it be Medicare for all, Medicare buy-in, or public option — would make it harder for families and patients to have a say in the care they receive.

In fact, the nonpartisan, nonpolitical Congressional Budget Office has already determined that a government-controlled single payer health care system would deliver a major blow to every American's health care.

It would mean higher taxes, delays to care, and the complete elimination of private health insurance. It would reduce the quality of health care we receive, resulting in fewer services and doctors available.

Instead of taking such a costly, high-stakes gamble, Congress should build on the current foundation of our health care system so we can continue to improve the quality, access, and affordability of our care. It's our care, so it should be our choice.

Now is the time to speak up. Will you take our pledge to oppose unaffordable, unsustainable, one-size-fits-all health care proposals?

Together, we sent a powerful message against unaffordable, unsustainable one-size-fits-all health care plans. Join us.
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