Pledge Your Support For Funding Equity in Higher Education

Every student in Colorado deserves the opportunity to earn a college degree. Some students, depending on the home they grew up in or the community they came from, require additional resources to support them through graduation. You can help make sure all students in Colorado have the chance to attend college, graduate, and lead healthier lives.

Right now our legislators are determining important points of our state budget. One important policy being considered is increasing funding for public colleges, universities, and community colleges that serve first-generation and low income students so these institutions can invest in the support systems to set them up for success. Colorado has made progress toward this goal, and with your support we can improve funding equity in higher education.

We know the benefits of higher education last a lifetime. Research shows that having a college degree leads to better job opportunities, higher incomes, and a healthier lifestyle. You can help make sure all students in Colorado, including students of all races and economic backgrounds, have access to higher education and the resources to succeed by pledging your support for this policy.

Join Healthier Colorado in fighting for funding equity in higher education, today!
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