Urge Your Legislators To End Hunger During The School Day

A young student sits in their school cafeteria without a meal. A struggling family receives a letter fining them because the school had to provide their hungry child with breakfast or lunch.

Right now, there are kids going hungry and families being turned over to debt collectors because they can't afford to pay for a school lunch – even when their lunch comes at a reduced price. And going hungry means our students are less likely to fulfill their educational potential.

But there is a solution. The State of Colorado already fully covers the price of lunch for students from low-income families in kindergarten through 5th grade. That means that these kids can eat lunch without an out-of-pocket cost. But this program only covers a small number of school children.

We can and must make school lunches affordable for even more students, and the Colorado legislature is considering bills to do just that.

Our state legislators must take the next step and extend this support to older students and guarantee a completely free meal for all those who qualify. Hungry kids need to be fed, students shouldn't feel ashamed that they can't pay, and families shouldn't be sent to collections over school lunch debt.

Together, we can end hunger during the school day. Sign your name to let your leaders know that you're fighting to make sure that no student goes hungry and no family is penalized because they can't pay for lunch.
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