Keep methane and other toxic chemicals out of Colorado's air!

The oil and gas industry is releasing methane and other toxic chemicals into our atmosphere.

Already a huge problem, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the negative impacts of this air pollution — especially its impact on public health — is more urgent and dangerous than ever.

Hotter temperatures and dirtier air make it harder for us to breathe and lead healthy lives, while shallower snowpacks, reduced river flows, and more severe wildfires threaten what we love about our state.

Luckily, we have a unique opportunity to protect our air and our health by calling for stronger oil and gas industry regulations around flaring, a process where excess gas is burned off, releasing methane, carbon dioxide, and other dangerous chemicals into our atmosphere.

SB 181 — a landmark bill passed into law Summer of 2019 — set a requirement for the Air Quality Control Commission and Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) to minimize emissions from oil and gas facilities.

These COGCC is taking comments on their response to this legislation until September 21st - and it's up to us to ensure they set the strongest possible regulations to protect us from the health threats of flaring operations.

Support strong methane regulations! Add your name to send a comment that we deserve air free from dangerous chemicals!
Subject: 800-900, 1200 Series

I'm am writing to urge you to create robust rules that eliminate all routine flaring.

Non-routine flaring must be limited to flaring necessary to respond to emergencies, such as where necessary for safety or unplanned maintenance.

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Emissions from flaring contribute to ozone pollution toxic, air pollution, and regional haze, and are dangerous for those living close to oil and gas operations. Please make sure you adopt stronger, enforceable policies that reduce both methane and toxic emissions, protect public health, and fight climate change.


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