Tell Congress to strengthen SNAP for rural communities to thrive

Research shows when families have consistent access to nutritious food, their overall health is better. A lack of access to healthy food is tied to chronic illnesses and increased mental health issues, leading to more medications, higher health care costs and, ultimately, less money to buy food.

But lawmakers can help: Improving the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) means more families will have access to the food they need, which could help lower their health care costs.

Ask Congress to support and strengthen SNAP benefits in the 2023 Farm Bill so rural communities can access the nutritious food they need to thrive.

In 2021, around 11% of rural households were food insecure. Health challenges like diabetes, asthma and depression are directly linked to food insecurity. Rural households are facing higher medical bills due to a lack of accessible food sources.

SNAP is a powerful tool that can close the gap for rural communities that are experiencing food insecurity and related impacts on their health and wellness. People who receive SNAP benefits can save around $1,400 per year in health care costs.

We must support rural communities that lack access to food. Ask your lawmakers to close the gap in nutrition by strengthening SNAP benefits in the farm bill today!
Dear [Legislator],

Rural communities experience high rates of food insecurity across the country. This contributes to long-term chronic health challenges, increased mental health issues, and bigger medical bills.

You have an opportunity to help rural communities thrive by strengthening SNAP provisions in the 2023 Farm Bill. This includes:

- Ensuring SNAP's purchasing power aligns with grocery prices and provides adequate support during tough economic times.
- Improving SNAP access for older adults, college students, veterans, working families, residents and others who do not qualify for or are unable to participate in SNAP due to eligibility and enrollment barriers.
- Helping more military families access SNAP benefits by excluding the Basic Allowance for Housing from the gross income calculation for SNAP eligibility.
- Supporting SNAP choice and focusing on ensuring affordable access to nutritious foods.
- Adequately funding and improving state employment and training programs.
- Ensuring people receiving SNAP benefits can access training opportunities that align with best practices.
- Preventing the expansion of SNAP work requirements, to support participants as they find work.

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