Don't bulldoze 1000 trees for a Moruya highway bypass overdevelopment. Choose the shorter option D/E instead.

  • par: leslie dean brown
  • destinataire: Julian Watson - Program Director, Transport for NSW; Paul Lawrence Toole, New South Wales Minister for Regional Transport and Roads.

I have started this petition because I am concerned that Transport NSW is not doing the right thing by the environment for the future Moruya bypass project.

To cut a long story short, the government agency "Transport NSW" is going to bulldoze about 1.5km of Nature strip along Noad's Drive.

This includes literally hundreds of established trees either side of the road. Please have a look via google street view at what is at stake; the total length of the proposed bypass is 8km!

Even Blind Freddy could see that this option is going to be FAR worse for the environment than the more direct options D or E via existing tarmac roads through/behind the town (option E would be half as long at only 4km). 

Furthermore, the bypass option G that they are proposing crosses the river at a wider point and also significantly more wetland areas (it's also closer to other existing wetlands) than option E.

Moruya bypass options A B C D E F G H I J

Here is the latest report by them, which includes some environmental information and more details about the proposed options. I invite you to read it. Like all government reports it is very bureaucratic; it seems they are doing nothing but paying lip service to the environment.

The option they have selected, option G, the orange option, they have rated as being "number 2" in terms of "sustainability". What concerns me is that they have lumped in a load of human-centric selection criteria that have nothing whatsoever to do with natural biodiversity management!

See pages 14 to 16 of the report where they have included "access to shops along the main street", "economic prosperity" and "growth in employment" in with "sustainability" of all things.

They did not do a comparison for example with the amount of trees to be cut down among all of the options. if they had, the choices would have been more obvious.

Moruya bypass purple orange yellow green blue options

For some reason, option D did not make the shortlist. Why not? Overall, option E [the purple option] would have been a more logical choice with far less impact to the environment...

I don't know who put together the report but clearly they have never even set foot along Noad's Drive. If they had, the outcome might have been very different. It's like these decisions are made at people's desks rather than on the ground.
Proposed Moruya bypass orange route Noads Drive Eurobodalla shire
Tourists like to come to this area precisely because it is not overdeveloped.
I don't think it is best for the Eurobodalla region at all. Far from it. 😟

Dr. Leslie Dean Brown (Mat Sci)

Who is the target of this petition?

Julian Watson - Program Director, Transport for NSW.
Tom Grosskopf, Executive Director, Network & Assets, Transport for NSW.
Rob Sharp, Secretary of Transport for NSW.
Fiona McLauchlan, Senior Manager South East Coast, Transport for NSW 
Vanessa Wilson, Senior Manager South East Tablelands, Transport for NSW 

Paul Toole, Minister for Regional Transport and Roads.

Other Transport for NSW employees:
Sue Robinson, Megan Bourke-O'Neil, Carol-Anne Nelson, Camilla Drover, Joost de Kock, Kirsten Watson, Tara McCarthy, Trudi Mares, Brenda Hoang, Anthony Wing, Peter Regan, Rachel Simpson.

Gladys Berejiklian, Premier of NSW.

Moruya bypass construction footprint

Moruya bypass construction footprint

Mettre À Jour #2il y a 14 jours
I think it's time to let Julian Watson know what you all think about this proposed route. Here's his LinkedIn page: Comment on his posts. Tag him. Let him know. He's supposed to have an "environmental" background, but I think that's a load of rubbish. Let him know what you think about his "preferred strategic corridor". I've already emailed him and got standard copy-pasted reply. Anyway, here's his email:
Mettre À Jour #1il y a 23 jours
This petition really needs more than 50,000+ signatures for council & government to take notice. I need you all to share this petition again and again and again. I shared it on two relevant facebook groups about Moruya town and my posts were immediately censored and I was instantly banned from both groups (Moruya Notice Board + Moruya South Heads Notice Board). I dare you to share it there, see how they react. Share it share it share it share it. Thanks,
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