Defeating the GOP won't be easy

We've witnessed incredible energy from Democrats nationwide in 2018. We have been mobilizing people everywhere to get more involved in elections. We have been organizing in every single state to compete in elections and win. We have been relentlessly focused on our goal: taking back Congress from the GOP.

But defeating the GOP won't be easy.

Add your name to say you are committed to voting for Democrats.

Republicans will fight tooth and nail to keep their majorities in Congress and state legislatures. Wealthy Republicans donors have already donated millions to lock Democrats out of office. It is critical that our candidates across the country have the resources necessary to win elections.

The time is now. Sign your name to help Democrats take back Congress.

It is going to take millions of voters like you to take back Congress and win this year. Can we count on you to join us in electing Democrats nationwide this November?

Thank you so much for standing with Democrats.

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