Support Education and Opportunities for Girls

In countries around the world, women's and girl's rights are under attack. Young women and girls are losing their right to education. CARE Canada believes that girls must be allowed fair and equal access to schooling.

For every year of school attended, a girl's future income can grow by 20%! Without education, girls face greater risk of early and/or forced marriage and are less likely to achieve financial independence and have enough food.

You can help—one girl, one woman at a time. At CARE Canada, we believe that ONE WOMAN CAN make a difference and empower the next generation.

Globally, around 12 million girls are married each year before reaching the age of 18—even in countries where child marriage is illegal, like Ethiopia.

"I heard a rumour that my father accepted a proposal for my marriage", remembers Eyerus, aged 14. He had already received money ($190 CAD) from the other family.

Eyerus was determined that her voice be heard. "Why do I have to marry? I didn't want to stop going to school."

She negotiated with her father until he agreed that she could continue to go to school. "It felt good to be able to convince my father to change his mind. I learned how to negotiate in [the CARE-initiated] girl's group," explains Eyerus.

Stand with us to make your voice heard and help send girls like Eyerus to school!
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