They Were Caught Torturing and Poaching Wildlife Using Crossbows and Guns, Then Posing for Photos With the Carcasses

  • par: Care2 Team
  • destinataire: Michigan authorities
Several men in Michigan were caught poaching and torturing animals - all illegal actions that they are currently facing charges for.

The men apparently targeted a variety of animals, including six deer and one porcupine. In one instance, the men simply sat cozy and comfy inside of a truck while leveling an innocent adult buck using a gun fired through the window.

Then, they posed for photos with the dead animals as though it were funny.

They have proven that they are not safe individuals to trust with deadly weapons. Their firearms should be taken away and if they have legal hunting licenses, those must also be revoked immediately! Sign the petition!

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has concluded that these men chose to act in cruel ways, regardless of educational campaigns officials have conducted. Their spree of multiple crimes against wildlife was committed using a variety of different murder weapons, not limited to guns but also including bows and crossbows.

These men are criminals. They have broken the law by illegally shooting and killing protected wildlife, and also in some cases subjecting those animals to torture. Authorities must take action now to keep other animals - and humans - safe.

Sign the petition to demand that officials remove these men's access to guns and crossbows, and revoke any hunting licenses they might have!
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