The Top 6 Places to Spot Sea Animals in the Wild on Holiday

If you're on social media, then you've most likely seen disturbing footage of tourists passing around a baby dolphin and posing with it for selfies, resulting in the dolphin's death. Unfortunately, the destructive influence of irresponsible, unsustainable tourism extends much further than this incident.

Tourists' desires to capture the perfect holiday selfie have also prevented sea turtles from nesting in Costa Rica, and has led mother seals to abandon their babies when tourists get too close.

Our oceans are in crisis, which means that we are losing marine wildlife at an alarming rate. The least we can do is ensure that our holiday plans or day trip to the beach do not harm precious aquatic ecosystems.

Do your part by signing up for alerts from World Animal Protection, and we will send you a free downloadable checklist of the best places to safely and responsibly observe marine wildlife in Australia.
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