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We need you in the movement to put our communities at the center of public safety.

The global pandemic opened our eyes to so many harsh realities. Chief among them is the role that social supports play in preventing violence by strengthening communities.

Over the last eight years, grassroots leaders and organizations in Newark, NJ, have made the city a national leader in building public safety by listening to its people. In 2022, the city experienced the lowest murder and violence rates in history. How? They enacted a massive shift towards community leading the way — determining what they need for their safety and advocating for it!

Today, Newark's public safety ecosystem is more than a thriving community; it's a blueprint for the nation. It's a model for investing in community members who best understand the solutions to violence.

This model, and these kinds of results, are rare, but they don't have to be. Any city, town, and local government can adopt a community-centered approach to their public safety. Best yet, this approach focuses on the root causes of violence: poverty, trauma, inequity, and more.

Those roots have grown most deeply in Black and brown neighborhoods. It takes generations to formidably challenge the systemic racism that got us to this point. But by building strong relationships on the ground, elevating local leaders, developing a powerful community vision, and harnessing political will, we can make a better world together. Will you join us in that vision?

None of this work is possible without the commitment of the community members we uplift. You are the key to this work.

Sign up to support community centered-public safety in your neighborhood and join the movement.
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