Help raise awareness about AMKD with your advocacy

Kidney disease affects an estimated 37 million Americans, and more than 550,000 are on dialysis. Kidney failure places enormous physical, emotional and financial burdens on individuals and costs the Medicare program over $50 billion annually.

The American Kidney Fund (AKF), the non profit with the greatest direct impact on patients' lives working on behalf of 37 million Americans with kidney disease, is working to raise awareness about APOL1-mediated kidney disease (AMKD), a spectrum of kidney disease associated with variants in the apolipoprotein L1 (APOL1) gene that is linked to an increased risk for kidney disease in people of western and central African descent.

It is estimated that 13% of Black Americans have two mutations of the APOL1 gene, and these individuals have a 1 in 5 chance of developing kidney disease. People with two of the APOL1 genetic mutations (or variants) are at a higher risk for developing genetic forms of rapidly progressing kidney disease.

Help us raise awareness about AMKD and encourage the affected community to get screened and take early action to support their kidney health.

Sign this petition and ask your Governor to:

  • Designate the last Tuesday of each April as "APOL1-Mediated Kidney Disease (AMKD) Awareness Day"
  • Encourage communities in the United States to become better informed about and aware of kidney disease and AMKD
  • Encourage people from or with ancestry from Western and Central Africa to to talk to their health care provider about genetic testing for APOL 1 gene mutations.
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