Thank Gov. Wolf for Establishing the First Statewide Goal to Reduce Carbon Pollution in PA!

Climate VICTORY! Governor Wolf just announced an unprecedented executive order that tackles climate change headfirst by establishing a statewide carbon emissions reduction goal that's right in line with the Paris Agreement!

This means that for the first time in Pennsylvania's history, we'll have concrete targets to slash harmful greenhouse gases over the coming decades and a powerful agenda to expand clean energy and create thousands of clean energy jobs. It's a triple win for our environment, our public health, and our economy!

Let's make sure that Governor Wolf hears loud and clear that Pennsylvanians applaud this bold new climate agenda. Add your name to our thank-you message.

SUBJECT: Thank you for your leadership in creating a clean energy economy in Pennsylvania

Dear Governor Wolf,

Thank you for issuing a bold new executive order to tackle climate change by establishing the first ever carbon emissions reduction goal that will expand clean energy, save taxpayers money, create thousands of jobs, and improve the health of our communities.

By issuing this order, you have made it clear that Pennsylvania will not sit on the sidelines in the fight against climate change, but will take real and meaningful steps to move our state toward a clean energy economy. You have my continued support and I encourage you to work with the state legislature to make these goals a reality.

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