Invest in efforts to combat climate change

Our climate is warming and the effects of that have been felt both nationally and here in North Carolina. With scorching hot summers and more intense hurricanes and storms – now is the time for North Carolina's lawmakers to tackle the climate crisis and create good clean energy jobs in our state. It's also important that our plan includes a focus on equity to ensure that all North Carolinians benefit from the transition to clean energy.

There are many challenges ahead for our climate and our economy. That's why it's essential that we act with urgency with bold action now. Take action below!

Dear Decision-Maker,

I urge you to be a North Carolina leader who is tackling the climate crisis with urgency and bold action, particularly as our state sees growing threats from extreme weather. Now is the time to invest in efforts to combat climate change while creating good clean energy jobs in our state's growing clean energy industry. 

Thank you.

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