Don't Let Trump Reverse Progress on Chemical Safety

We are still living with the toxic consequences of chemicals that were let on the market decades ago without adequate regulation and scrutiny of their safety. Some of these chemicals — many still in use today — have been linked to brain tumors, leukemia, infertility, Parkinson's disease, and more.

A landmark victory 3 years ago paved a path to change all that: Congress passed a groundbreaking bipartisan bill reforming our chemical safety law. But since taking office, the Trump Administration has tirelessly worked to undermine this legislation and put us all at risk.

Tell Congress: Protect Americans from these toxic consequences, and hold Trump's EPA accountable.

SUBJECT: Please ensure the new bipartisan chemical safety law is protected.

Dear [Decision Maker],

In 2016, Congress overwhelmingly supported strong chemical safety reform for the first time in 40 years, providing a critical opportunity to better protect Americans from toxic chemicals. Our country is still dealing with the legacy of contamination from chemicals on the market decades ago that never received adequate safety review and regulation. This new law is a chance to prevent repeating the mistakes of the past that have led to adverse health impacts and environmental contamination.

I am concerned that the Trump Administration's implementation of this law, the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act, goes against the both intent and letter of the law putting all of that progress at risk and creating a new legacy of toxic consequences for health and safety. Among other actions, Trump's Environmental Protection Agency is ignoring known exposures when looking at the risks posed by chemicals in use today, allowing new chemicals onto the market despite little or no information about them, and blocking proposed restrictions on high-risk uses of known toxic chemicals.

It's rare these days that Republicans and Democrats, as well as industry and public health advocates, come together. But they did just that in 2016 to strengthen protections from toxic chemicals. In order to see that through and truly protect Americans from chemicals that cause serious illnesses like cancer, infertility, and Parkinson's, Congress needs to demand that EPA faithfully implement a robust chemical safety program that conforms with the law and delivers on its promises.

Please demand that EPA reverse course and implement the Lautenberg Act as Congress intended to ensure the strongest possible chemical safety system and protect our health today and for decades to come.

[Your Name Here]

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