Call on President Biden to Keep His Promise of a Humane Immigration System

The US has a long history of detaining immigrant children and warehousing them in regimented, inhumane places that fail to meet their basic needs and violate constitutional law. They are forced to live in overcrowded, unsafe government facilities never designed to house children and denied access to adequate food or drinking water, educational services, adequate recreation, medical care or even basic hygiene like toothpaste or soap.

President Biden promised to end family detention, but right now, his Administration is considering returning to the use of this cruel practice. Institutionalizing children, with or without their families, can cause lifelong damage. The irrefutable medical science around child brain development has not been enough to protect immigrant children from harm while detained by the US government.

We cannot afford to take backward steps when it comes to the well-being of children. If Biden reinstates family detention, it will inflict irreparable harm to children, potentially encouraging parents to send children alone across the border, further traumatizing them. Biden must keep his promise and work toward more compassionate immigration practices that prioritize children's needs.

As the President said himself, "This is pretty simple, and I can't believe I have to say it: Families belong together."

We demand policies that recognize the humanity and dignity of immigrant children-- and will ensure children are valued, not targeted or vilified.

Sign today and tell President Biden detention is no place for a child!
Dear President Biden,

Children and families fleeing war, gang violence, discrimination, and other hardships should not be detained when they arrive at our border. As a country, we should do everything to ensure they have a fair and child-centered process to find safe haven.

I demand the Biden Administration:

  • Not reinstitute the Trump-era use of family detention.

  • Stop housing children in inhumane detention centers.

  • Stop criminalizing families seeking refuge.

Detaining children, with or without their parents, is not only heinous and morally abhorrent; the science is clear: it has devastating and long-term consequences for them and their families.

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