Tell Congress to expand the Child Tax Credit permanently

Earlier this year, Congress passed the American Rescue Plan Act which temporarily expanded the federal Child Tax Credit (CTC) to $3,600 for children 5 and younger and $3,000 for those 6-17, putting cash back into the pockets of Latino and other families with children.

However, without a permanent expansion of the CTC, this critical relief will expire at the end of this year and throw millions of children back into poverty. This is unacceptable.

Sign now to urge your senators and representative to permanently expand the Child Tax Credit and rescind its Trump-era restrictions on immigrant and Dreamer children.
Dear representative,

I am one of your constituents and I strongly urge you to permanently expand the Child Tax Credit (CTC) and ensure that all children, including immigrant children, have access to this vital tax relief.

Poverty has a devastating effect upon a child's development. Today, Latino children make up 26% of all kids in our country, yet 41% of those who live in poverty.

To alleviate this harm and include all families in an equitable economic recovery, I ask you to ensure that the 2022 budget reconciliation package currently making its way through Congress includes provisions that would (1) make the temporary CTC expansions from the American Rescue Plan Act permanent and (2) restore eligibility to the CTC for immigrant and Dreamer children, as they were before the passage of the 2017 Trump tax cuts for big business and the wealthy.

A lasting recovery that benefits all struggling families will be impossible if we continue to allow children to live in poverty.


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