Protect migration routes for North America's largest wildlife!

Animals need room to roam, and right now, they face many barriers.

Wildlife across the United States and Canada are struggling to find their way to food, mates and homes. Thousands of wild animals are killed on our roads in collisions, after getting caught on fences and other barriers, or in other preventable ways.

After all, animals don't cross roads, roads cross their habitat. This situation is dangerous for wildlife — and people.

The good news is there are solutions to keep these animals connected and their populations thriving.

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative helps wildlife get where they need to go, safely. They identify major pathways or corridors animals use to move, work with partners to add wildlife crossing structures to major roads, modify outdated ranch fences that prevent movement, and so much more.

You too can help! Sign the petition below to let others know you believe animals have the right to roam and you support protecting migration routes for North America's largest wildlife.
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