Are you affected by the Capita pension cyber-attack?

Capita, which provides outsourced pension administration services to over 450 pension providers across the UK, experienced a significant data breach that could affect over half a million pension holders, their beneficiaries, and some Capita employees.

Personal data – including names, dates of birth and National Insurance numbers – may have been stolen. Other highly sensitive data – including bank details – could also be affected.

Over half a million pension holders could be eligible to join a new Capita data breach legal claim. You could be eligible to join this claim if you got an email or letter from a pension provider confirming you are affected.

Law firm Keller Postman UK has launched a group action against Capita to ensure affected pension holders and their beneficiaries are fairly compensated. Consumer Voice is working with Keller Postman UK to help the team of lawyers raise awareness of this group action and connect affected pension holders and beneficiaries with the claim.

The security of your personal information is essential. Consumer Voice's mission is to make you aware of your rights as a consumer and help you take steps to protect yourself from potential financial harm. Sign today to learn more about the breach, if you were affected by it, and how Consumer Voice can help you.
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