Protect critically endangered gorillas amidst the global pandemic

Poaching, habitat loss, and infectious disease like Ebola have ravaged gorilla populations for decades. They are humans' closest relative, yet all apes are threatened with extinction.

Now effects from the pandemic have put them at even greater risk. The tourism industry in Africa has been decimated, thus decreasing the funds for rangers to protect parks and wildlife.

In this time of unprecedented threat — and as we approach World Gorilla Day, please pledge to protect critically endangered gorillas.

Wildlife Conservation Society has comprehensive long-term strategies to address threats gorillas face, and works on-the-ground in 60 countries around the world to protect over 100 threatened species. We work with governments to make sure ape habitats are legally protected and then partner with local communities and rangers on the ground to make sure these areas are, in fact, secured.

It's a lot of work, and takes years of commitment. Luckily WCS has 125 years of experience with field staff and scientists around the globe. We are committed now more than ever, to protecting the world's wildlife and wild places. All we need is you.

With World Gorilla Day this month, we need your support now more than ever. Please, pledge today to help these anti-poaching efforts and stand behind gorillas and other endangered wildlife.
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