Are you one of 9m affected by the EasyJet data breach?

In January 2020 EasyJet discovered 9m customers had their data hacked when the airline's systems were targeted by cyber criminals. All 9m customers had some sensitive data stolen – this ranged from email addresses and key travel information, to financial information including credit card details and CVV data. If you got an email from EasyJet by 26 May 2020 about this breach you can make a claim.

As a result of this data breach you may have suffered financial loss or have had your identity stolen. It also leaves you potentially vulnerable to follow-on scams if the hackers sell your data on or use what they have to extract additional information from you. Even if this doesn't happen, the thought of it occurring may have caused you significant emotional harm and distress.

This isn't the only claim the airline is facing as several other law firms are also seeking to get affected individuals compensation. If you were affected by the data breach take a look at our claims page to see if you're eligible to claim.

Consumer Voice's mission is to make access to justice easy for consumers. Too many consumers experience problems every day when dealing with businesses in the UK and all too often don't get back the money they're owed. We are working with Keller Postman to help the team of lawyers raise awareness and connect affected EasyJet customers with this claim.

Sign this petition and tell EasyJet to take better measures to protect people's private data!
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