Bring Animal Abusers to Justice!

Preston Odle and Levi Evans spent four long hours kicking, choking, and stabbing a four-month-old St. Bernard puppy until she died. Although Odle and Evans pleaded guilty, neither received a ban on possessing animals in the future, mandatory mental health treatment, or any jail time for their animal cruelty crime. Instead, a judge sentenced them to probation and community service. 

Bella, a sweet 11-year-old shepherd mix, was strangled with a zip-tie, shoved in a garbage bag, and beaten with a metal shovel by her trusted guardian, Michael Gallagher. Bella's injuries were so severe, she had to be euthanized. And yet for this extreme act of violence, Gallagher was sentenced to just four months in county jail.

Jay, a family cat, was stabbed and tortured by a known group of people and thrown off a balcony to his death — yet prosecutors chose not to pursue criminal charges against the adults involved in his death. 

In each of these cases, more should have been done to secure justice for these animal victims, and ensure other animals were protected from possibly suffering at the hands of these known abusers.  Unfortunately, in most states, the law still fails to fully recognize and protect animal victims.

Animal victims of abuse deserve justice. It's past time our legal system recognizes and addresses animal cruelty as the serious crime it is.

Sign this petition if you agree - When it comes to animal abuse, the punishment should fit the crime!
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