Help Noah's Community Overcome Food Insecurity

Noah's (Piscataway Conoy) dream is to address hunger and lack of access to healthy foods within his tribal community and reconnect youth with traditional Piscataway foods and growing practices.

Food security is an environmental justice issue at it's most basic. Far too many native communities are considered "food deserts" with minimal access to fresh food. It is indeed a form of environmental injustice. Native communities have disproportionately high rates of diabetes, obesity and hypertension. Noah's dream is to educate young people about gardening, agriculture, and ecology and nutrition, with an emphasis on native knowledge and modern green agriculture.

The Piscataway Community Garden will be an integrative farming complex using greenhouses, hydroponics, and other technology to grow and harvest fruits and vegetables year-round. Noah is passionate about giving back to his community and, through the Piscataway Community Garden, he will work toward his dream by using it as a teaching tool. He is also offering programs for the community to learn about healthy nutrition, traditional Piscataway agricultural practices, and Piscataway history.

Noah believes that educating other young people about gardening, agriculture, and ecology is part of how they will overcome poverty. In turn, they will grow up understanding how we need to take care of our land so it does not get depleted. They will be empowered to become the next generation of agriculturalists promoting conservation, food sovereignty, and respect for Mother Earth.

Please join us in supporting Noah and his dream of helping his community overcome food insecurity and gain environmental justice.
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