Tell the Biden Administration to prioritize dam removal and river restoration!

Help us restore rivers!

Healthy, free-flowing rivers support all life – they provide our clean drinking water, nurture fish and wildlife, and maintain the safety and well-being of our communities.

But more than 90,000 dams block rivers across our country, and many of these dams are obsolete and unsafe. Dams block the natural flow of rivers, harming water quality and preventing fish from migrating — impacting entire ecosystems. Aging dams can also pose safety hazards to communities.

Removing dams allows rivers to flow naturally, which can have benefits for water quality, flood protection, fish and wildlife habitat, ecosystem health and recreation. More than 1,700 dams have been torn down since 1912, freeing rivers nationwide.

Add your voice to support river restoration. Tell the Biden administration to prioritize healthy rivers and strong by supporting the removal of obsolete or harmful dams nationwide!

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