Join the International Rescue Committee in telling President Biden to act now for refugees

Today, over 1.4 million of the most vulnerable refugees in the world are in need of resettlement. Historically, the U.S. has been the global leader in refugee resettlement, but this legacy changed drastically under the Trump administration which dropped refugee admissions by over 85% and planned to admit just 15,000 refugees this fiscal year.

President Biden has committed to restoring the U.S. legacy of refugee protection, by admitting up to 125,000 refugees in the first year of his presidency. It is up to all Americans to ensure that this promise is kept — lives depend on it.

Join the International Rescue Committee's advocacy community as we call on the White House to:

- Increase the refugee admissions goal to respond to urgent global need
- Rescind admissions policies that have discriminated against Muslims and refugees fleeing the world's most harrowing crises
- Restore refugee admissions on the basis of need and expand access for those refugees who need it most

Together, we can ensure America lives up to its highest ideals.

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