Pledge to Protect and Conserve Long Island's Water

It's been a hot and dry summer on Long Island, which means residents in Nassau & Suffolk counties need to take action to protect the region's already threatened water source and surface water bodies.

We urge you to join the movement to protect Long Island's water by taking the pledge today! In the coming weeks, you'll receive information and resources to help you do your part at home. 

By adding your name, you will receive information on how to:

  • Conserve water at home
  • Use your land to promote clean water
  • Upgrade your septic system to mitigate nitrogen pollution, and available financing
  • Get involved with local organizations and their water conservation programs

This year has shown us the power of working together in order to overcome challenges. We thank you for joining your neighbors and fellow Long Islanders in the effort to conserve and protect this precious resource.

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