Hold Enviva Accountable to Communities

Enviva is the world's largest producer of biomass wood pellets. Their operations destroy 175,000 acres of Southern forests every year. Their plants are located in environmental justice communities across the US South. Enviva produces more than wood pellets — they produce harm.

Wood pellets release more carbon than coal when burned.

Does that sound like "clean" or "green" energy? Communities living near Enviva plants have had enough. Regulators and policymakers have failed them. Impacted communities are demanding that Enviva act responsibly.

Enviva Must Be a Better Neighbor. Hold Enviva Accountable.

Add your name to our petition. Act now to improve the quality of life of impacted communities!
Dear [Enviva leadership],

Enviva's operations cause significant damage across the US South. Enviva destroys 175,000 acres of Southern forests every year. Production facilities release harmful wood dust and toxic pollution in surrounding communities. When burned, wood pellets release more carbon emissions than coal.

Enviva's air and noise pollution is harming residents living near Enviva facilities.

We petition Enviva to heed these concerns, and take immediate action:

-Install fugitive dust control plans at ALL your operating and proposed facilities.
-Put in place best practices for trucks entering and exiting operational sites. The outcome should reduce noise, traffic, and fugitive dust.
-Stop nighttime operations between the hours of 10pm and 7am. Nearby residents need quiet to sleep.
-Stop sourcing from bottomland hardwood forests.
-Establish a Good Neighbor Fund. These resources must improve the quality of life impacts that your operations cause. This includes but is not limited to funding air purifiers and monitors for impacted communities, pressure washing houses and cars due to constant dust, new health centers in impacted communities, and clean water infrastructure for surrounding communities.
-Stop claiming that the wood pellet industry is a form of clean and renewable energy.
-Stop taking government grants and subsidies for your product.
-Commit to halt production expansion.

Your corporation claims it is serious about providing clean and renewable energy. Take corporate responsibility. Act now to protect the quality of life of impacted residents. Enviva must shift to valid clean and renewable energy sources.
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