Don't Let COVID-19 Threaten The Education of Children in Appalachia

None of us at Americans Helping Americans can predict how long the coronavirus pandemic will continue to disrupt the day-to-day activities of children and families across the country. That's why children and teens need options for learning in these uncertain times, especially in Appalachia where virtual learning is a challenge due to lack of reliable internet access and the fact that many households do not even have computers.

We believe in the youth of Appalachia and their education — sign the petition if you do too!

Americans Helping Americans (AHA) has been working for decades to strengthen communities to create a healthy, safe and economically vibrant standard of living for tens of thousands living in distressed regions throughout Appalachia.

That's why right now, AHA is providing students across Appalachia with safer learning options during the coronavirus pandemic where many of the students are from low-income families who cannot attend public school due to health concerns.

These teens, like many in the region, lack the computers and broadband internet necessary to learn as school systems have converted to virtual learning out of an abundance of caution.

That's why AHA is stepping in to provide a Learning Pod — a site established for teens in our partner's Cumberland Mountain Outreach Teens in Leadership Program in Beattyville, Kentucky, enabling them to learn in a safe environment where they have instructors in place to assist them with their classwork.

In addition, in McDowell County, West Virginia, our partner Big Creek People in Action, has extended its after school program to the entire school day for students who need to learn virtually because of the coronavirus. Right now, dozens of students are virtually learning in a gymnasium where they can safely physically distance themselves and have their own laptop, headphones and hand sanitizer. They are also receiving meals twice a day, as many of them cannot count on food being available at home.

All of us are experiencing monumental change and our goal is to do everything possible to support students' education during this difficult time.
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