Sign now and support the Georgia DA charging Trump to the fullest extent

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, the prosecutor leading the investigation of Trump in Georgia, said she will announce this summer whether Trump and his cronies will be charged with crimes relating to their efforts to overturn the 2020 election. And she specifically cautioned law enforcement authorities to be on alert for unrest when when it happens – a sign she is ready to charge Trump himself.

We need to show her she has support for doing this. 

It was in Georgia where officials received multiple calls from Trump, including the infamous one where he pressured them to "find" enough votes to overturn the results. A call was also received from Lindsey Graham, suggesting that ballots could be thrown out in Democratic areas.

Trump, Lindsey Graham, Rudy Giuliani, and others involved in this scheme to steal the election deserve to have the book thrown at them, and Georgia officials have every right to do it.

Add your name now and support DA Willis in charging Trump to the fullest extent!
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