Sign the Pledge: I Will Vote to Keep Public Lands in Public Hands

Nine out of ten Montanans visit our public lands every year. Now imagine a Montana where nine out of ten people vote for our public lands, too.

Elected officials pass the laws that guide public land management. That means that in every election, public lands are on the ballot. And in every election, policymakers pay attention to who is voting and who is staying on the sidelines. They know if they want to win or keep holding office, they have to respond to powerful voting blocs.

If we want stronger protections for our public lands, new funding for trails and campgrounds, or to maintain access to our favorite places, we need to demonstrate to our elected officials that we are a powerful voting bloc. 

Our success in defending wild places in the coming months and years depends on conservationists casting ballots this fall and identifying ourselves as public lands voters. 

Together, we can protect and conserve public lands and wild places across Montana by voting for public lands. Sign today to pledge your vote this November to keeping public lands in public hands. 
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