Show of Support for Joshua and Maegan Barras

  • par: Loving Life
  • destinataire: Supporters of Maegan Barras

(The picture was posted November 1st, 2018 by Joshua on his Facebook the day before his injury)

Court Date: January 18th, 2022

Maegan believes the Judge, the Court will go on the facts presented and the decision will be based on the best interest of Joshua Jude Barras regardless of how many signatures are on the petition for Joshua's mother. This 'petition' is not an attempt to influence the decision but to simply show support for Maegan and her decision in what she believes her husband would want. 

This is for you Maegan. This is for you Joshua.

 "I do believe however that the strength and ability to go on each day as a caregiver to a spouse is from digging deep and remembering life before it happened, from knowing the person you are caring for is the one who would have done it for you unconditionally." May 5th 2019 Maegan Barras. Facebook.

Joshua and Maegans story Maegan Barras (@maeggypie) TikTok

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