Free Leila de Lima, the senator imprisoned after criticizing the violent war on drugs in the Philippines

  • par: Fabio G
  • destinataire: President Rodrigo Duterte

The Philippines is drowning in blood. Since last year, President Duterte has decided to fight drugs in the worst way possible: giving carte blanche to murdering drug users and small dealers. Only a few people have dared to raise their voice in the Philippines to face this violent aberration. One of them is Leila de Lima, a lawyer and senator who has tirelessly denounced the senselessness of this bloody war.

However, her voice has also been silenced: last week, the Filipino Government accused Leila de Lima of receiving money from drug traffickers and put her in prison. But the facts are pretty clear: de Lima has always had an exemplary record, and her only crime seems to be being critical with a government that has lost its way. The main Philippine and international human rights organizations share the same diagnosis: this is a political persecution that uses the drug laws to silence critical voices against Duterte.

It's time for citizens around the world to unite to help Filipinos who, like Leila de Lima, want to stop a war on drugs that is causing hundreds of innocent victims and pushing the Philippines into a state of permanent violence where human rights are systematically violated. Help me to get Leila de Lima free so she can continue her important work in defense of Human Rights: sign my petition NOW and ask the Philippine government to release her immediately!

Please, release senator Leila de Lima from prison inmediately.

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