Demand Proper Managment In Store

    Tired of being told what to do by managers that they themselves wont do? Do they sit in the office all day and text significant other while other do his or her job for them? Are you not being heard, or feel like they don't take any consideration for others? Do they say they will do something only to turn around and make jokes about your concern? This is the TRASH that need to be taken out and disposed of! Are you constantly asked to pick up shift so they don't have to? Are you barely scrapping by just to provide for your family and need the extra hours to just survive at the cost of missing out on your family and watching you Kids grow up? Stop being treated like a number and stand up and be seen as a person and human that need to be heard and feel appreciated? Do you have to ask for a raise and then be told a little later and just to be forgotten? Sign this and let our voices be heard and see we are human and not numbers!
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